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The integration of music in first-year Spanish classes





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I want to share my interest on the use of music to teach Spanish. I wrote a curriculum based on music and the use of it in Spanish 1. The literature review explores four topics that provide background for my Capstone question how can songs be integrated with grammar and vocabulary learner outcomes for Spanish 1 students. In the capstone I describe for whom the curriculum was design, and also explain methods that I used to write a Spanish 1 curriculum that integrates music. Also I name the standards where we can focus this technique. Within these goals and standards that I believe are the ones that can benefit the most. . I write about the way to find the music, and lyrics that will help us to reach those goals, standards and benchmarks that we have in our system. It became clear to me through my research that my pre-research beliefs about the effectiveness of combining several learning strategies through music in the foreign language classroom actually were correct: as authorities confirmed, students internalize and remember second language learning better through music.

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