Secondary students perceptions of clicker use as a formative assessment tool in teaching and learning





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This mixed method study investigated the perceptions and experiences of secondary students in grades 6 - 12 regarding their classroom use of student respond devices (SRDs). An electronic survey including, both forced and opened response questions, was distributed to 5800 students, of which there were 1708 responses or a 29% response rate. The results indicate that the majority of respondents had a positive perception regarding the use of SRDs to acquire feedback about their learning. Specifically, a majority of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed that SRDs were useful in learning, creating class discussion, improved their grades, and valued the anonymity provided by the tool. The results support that students in this research think that the effective use of SRDs in the classroom, as a formative assessment tool, is a powerful factor in their participation, classroom engagement and increased ability to understand, apply and learn.

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