How can I effectively raise the level of student achievement through the use of differentiated instruction and formative assessment?





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The question that is addressed in this project deals with the use of differentiated instruction and formative assessment to raise the level of student success within ones content area. The author will review various educational journals and books to find ways to use both differentiated instruction and formative assessments help raise the overall success of each student in his class. Then, survey responses will be collected from both students and teachers to see how assessments and differentiated instruction can best be used in the classroom. Finally, through the use of three basic formats of differentiation--content, product and process--data will be collected to determine which effectively raised student achievement in a chosen unit of study. The author concludes that while formative assessments are an important factor in when and where differentiation should take place, personalization through process and product show the highest level of improvement when covering subject matter.

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