How do I, a mathematics teacher, describe the impact of active learning in mathematics instruction?





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Active learning strategies were intentionally implemented into a Geometry courses in an urban setting. For the purpose of this capstone, active learning is defined as the process of students making discoveries throughout their learning, demonstrating excitement and motivation for learning, engaging consciously in what they are learning, and connecting ideas from their learning to generate their own understanding. Over the course of a six-week period, the following active learning strategies were implemented twice within a Geometry class through avenues of writing, discussion, and collaboration: guided notes, paper book, think-pair-share, critiquing, board meeting, and post-it notes. Observations were noted through a reflective journal after the implementation of each active learning strategy to answer the question, How do I, a mathematics teacher, describe active learning in mathematics instruction? Results showed that increased student engagement, responsibility for learning, and overall student learning occurred as the result of intentionally implementing active learning strategies into Geometry courses.

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