Aerobic exercise and its effect on behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of third grade students





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The purpose of this study was to answer the research question: How does exercise before reading instruction influence the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of third grade students? Sixteen third-grade students participated in the study. Behaviors (observed via videotape), feelings (obtained via a Semantic Differential Scale), and thoughts (obtained via interview) concerning exercise in class were collected and analyzed. The data revealed that behaviors in two students appeared more attentive during reading instruction after participating in classroom exercise. The Semantic Differential scale proved to be inconclusive due to variables surrounding the method. The interview revealed an overall positive attitude towards exercise in this classroom. Because students have demonstrated an interest in exercise, and it has been observed that exercise may in fact positively influence behavior in a typical classroom, further research is needed to address the potential of instilling exercise into regular routines of classrooms across the nation.

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