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Determining which spelling strategies are most effective for students with special needs





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The research questions addressed are, what is/are the best strategy/strategies for teaching spelling to students who have special needs? To what extent will the students be able to apply these skills to their daily writing? The motivating factor for this study came from working with students with special needs who struggle when it comes to spelling. Students struggling with spelling often have a negative perception of themselves. This can carry over into all academic areas. The literature provided information about several strategies that have been tested and used with students of all learning abilities. The strategies chosen for this study include 1) Rule-Based, 2) Cover, Copy, and Compare, 3) Error Self-Correction, and 4) Multisensory. Students spelling test scores improved with each strategy, but the strategy that produced the best results for both spelling tests and for daily writing assignments was the Rule-Based strategy.

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