What are the effective reading strategies a second grade teacher can employ to increase reading achievement and comprehension skills through effective questioning toward boys?





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This study looks at three avenues of research, reading strategies, boy's behaviors and finding books that appeal to them, and deep and meaningful questioning through instruction. All aspects are looked at to create a resource book for second grade teachers. With research suggesting that boys' reading scores and my personal observation, I wanted to find an answer with what strategies should be taught in the classroom. Through modeling the strategies, and providing graphic organizers to show explicitly how the strategies work, there will be a clearer understanding. By looking at Anderson and Krathwohl's Taxonomy while creating higher level questions and activities to support the books, those components will support boys understanding of the strategies. While researching boys' behaviors and the types of books that appeal to them, I successfully chose read aloud books and provided examples of how the reading strategies are modeled in the classroom to create a resource .

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