Direct instruction of inferential reading comprehension strategies to increase reading comprehension for students with disabilities





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The research question addressed was, how does direct teaching of inferential reading strategies impact students' ability to use these skills when reading independently? The motivating factor for this capstone was the challenge students faced in the classroom and on standardized tests when expected to answer inferential comprehension questions after reading although students were able to demonstrate literal comprehension, they continued to struggle with inferential comprehension tasks. Based on Tovani (2000, 2004) and Beers' (2003) research, the author selected two inferential reading comprehension strategies to explicitly teach ninth and tenth grade students with learning disabilities. Methods of instruction are documented and related literature explored to validate the study. The author describes both success and challenges in implementing the strategies and concludes: 1) explicit strategy instruction is valuable when teaching students with learning disabilities 2) students with disabilities may not immediately generalize strategies used in the classroom when working independently.

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