The effect of active vocabulary development in the second grade classroom





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The research question addressed in this study was, how does active vocabulary development impact reading achievement in second grade children? The motivating factor for this capstone was the writer's passion for education and her desire to encourage children to become strong readers for life. This capstone details the importance of explicit vocabulary instruction and provides examples of word-learning strategies, including the use of semantic maps, definition word maps, word sketches, categories, and alphaboxes. The key influence for this capstone was a kindergarten teacher who inspired the writer by nurturing her desire to be a life-long learner. Moore and Lyon's book New Essentials for Teaching Reading in PreK-2 (2005) voices that an effective vocabulary program includes many opportunities for children to hear high-quality literature read aloud, a classroom environment that fosters word consciousness, explicit teaching of individual words, and instruction in word-learning strategies.

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