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Rallying to help sophomores transition into senior high





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Almost everyone will experience a time in their life when they have to transition from one event or place to another. For some, this transition may be exciting and for others very stressful. Through personal experience I observed one particular group that struggled with transitioning was sophomores who were moving from the junior high to the senior high school. This led me to my question: How do students assigned to upperclassmen mentors describe the transition from the junior high to the senior high school? To answer my question a transition program, Sophomore Ranger Rally, utilizing upperclassmen mentors, was created. Following the rally a survey was given to all sophomores who attended, and an open-ended questionnaire was distributed to those sophomores who volunteered. The results helped me to answer my initial question, regarding the use of upperclassmen mentors at my school, and gave me ideas for future projects.

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