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How does assessment based curriculum alter student participation, habits, behavior, and ultimately learning?





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The research question addressed is how do formative and summative assessments, specific feedback, and grades lead to learning? The motivating factor for this capstone was the struggle with students completing homework and how uncompleted homework affected grades. This capstone details the positives and negatives of homework and how by grading assessments with specific feedback students know what they need to learn. Key influences for this capstone were Douglas Reeves's book Ahead of the Curve, Ken O'Connor's book How to Grade so that Students Learn, and Robert Marzano's book Transforming Classroom Grading. The author develops an outline for what will be graded and how students will track learning at a middle school level. This grading outline can be used with any curriculum and should help students to understand what they know compared to what they still need to learn.

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