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Using Bloom's taxonomy to create higher level thinking skills in fifth grade mathematics





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The research question addressed was, how can using Bloom's Taxonomy promote higher level thinking skills in fifth grade mathematics? It documents one teacher's challenge to create extension activities using Bloom's Taxonomy and the six levels of questioning: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The extensions follow district mandated math curriculum and state math standards. They are designed to appeal to the students' natural curiosity for math, and offer the opportunity for choice while expanding thinking. It outlines how using pretests and compacting the curriculum can allow time for exploration, and time for students to share and explain their reasoning. She concludes that while differentiation of the curriculum to promote higher level thinking is difficult to achieve and time consuming, through the use of Bloom's Taxonomy it is a valuable method to use in the classroom to reach the goal of encouraging student growth for a deeper understanding of math.

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