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Movement and music: brain-based strategies in the kindergarten classroom





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The research question addressed in this project was as follows: How will using the brain-based strategies of music and movement affect early literacy performance in kindergarten students? This capstone details the importance of movement and music in relation to brain functioning and reading skills. It documents one teacher's exploration of using a creep crawl mat and trampoline during literacy practice, as well as use of Cindy Jensen's Visual Phonics Song. The teacher describes the effects the research had on literacy learning by comparing two separate groups of children in both a qualitative and quantitative manner. She concludes the following: 1) the effects of movement activities directly relating to student literacy learning are inconclusive 2) the use of Cindy Jensen's Visual Phonics Song led to an increase of student literacy independence 3) the combination of movement and music related activities led to a high level of student motivation and enthusiasm.

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