The advancement of identification and service for the underrepresented culturally diverse students in gifted and talented programs





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The research questions addressed are 1.) how teachers can better identify and 2.) how teachers can better service the underrepresented gifted diverse students? The motivating factor for this capstone was the struggle to increase the number of diverse students in gifted programs and ensure they are taught materials in a culturally engaging way. This capstone details the positives and negatives of different identification processes and how effective they are, as well as strategies for classroom teachers to use when teaching diverse gifted students. Key influence for this capstone was the writer's desire to help gifted diverse students to be properly identified and serviced in the classroom. The author develops a staff presentation for middle school teachers. The presentation outlines gifted characteristics to help identify diverse students as gifted. Teachers are also provided information to help create lessons that will appeal to the culturally diverse student.

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