What effect does phonemic awareness have on the development of emergent kindergarten writers





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This capstone is an action research project addressing one teacher's study of phonemic awareness and emergent writing in a kindergarten classroom. The research gives a comprehensive review of phonemic awareness and how phonemic awareness can support writing in a kindergarten classroom writing curriculum. The research also describes many of the necessary components in an emergent writing program, such as invented spelling. The action research project assessed nine kindergarten student's phonemic awareness using DIBELS segmentation fluency assessment. Writing samples were also collected and scored. Growth was measured pre and post-study over a span of four months. The researcher taught researched based phonemic awareness concepts and conducted writing mini-lessons within a writer's workshop design to her kindergarten class during this time. Using the scores from the phonemic segmentation assessments and writing samples, the data was graphed out for each student and analyzed by the researcher. The appendix includes student writing samples and DIBELS segmentation fluency examples.

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