What are the ways music in the classroom alter learning and enhance engagement for students with autism spectrum disorder?





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My research resulted from the ongoing study and collaboration involved with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Resulting in 1 in 150 births, this spectrum disorder is becoming a commonality in children today. There are many strategies and methods that have been proven to work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was determined to find another method involving music which led me to the development of my capstone. For my study I created many songs intended to be used during periods of transition (typically a challenge for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder). I also gathered many well known Mozart collections. I used the transition songs with two third grade students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I used directive songs I wrote with a fourth grade non-verbal student with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The intention of the Mozart music was to calm the students and keep them attentive to task during independent work time. The outcome of my research was astounding.

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