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How can elementary special education teachers use information on executive brain function to support their students' success in the classroom?





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This capstone gives teachers information on executive brain function so they can support their students' success in their elementary classrooms. This capstone examines brain development, executive brain function and the skill deficits that can cause students to struggle in the classroom. After examining the ways the brain develops and processes information, skills associated with executive brain function were defined and discussed. Weaknesses in executive brain function can affect learning and behavior of students. There are interventions and strategies for executive function skill deficits that can increase academic and behavioral performance in the classroom. As a culmination of my extensive research on executive brain function, a PowerPoint Presentation and educational brochure are included in this capstone project as well as extensive references and annotated bibliographies. This capstone contains examples of each executive function skill and teaching ideas for immediate use in the classroom. A helpful resource for all teachers and parents!

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