How effective read alouds can be used to develop comprehension skills and a love of reading in kindergarten





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The research question addressed in this Capstone was, how can effective Read Alouds that develop comprehension skills and a love for reading be implemented in a kindergarten program? The purpose of this project was to allot times into the daily schedule for effective Read Alouds. Influenced by Laminack and Wadsworth, Trelease, Miller and Routman measures were taken to improve the effectiveness of Read Alouds. Also influenced by the author's training in Reading Recovery, a Daily Read Aloud Template was created as a format to pre-plan the purposes and delivery. The author reflects on the use of the Template and various comprehension lessons as well as strategies used to foster a love of reading. Although several limitations exist due to the young age of the students, the author feels strategies can be implemented to teach these objectives for kindergarten students and that she set productive groundwork to continue these important goals in her classroom.

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