Examining the qualities of published memoir in modeling traits of writing in a fourth grade writer's workshop





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The research question in this project is, how can examining the qualities of published memoir be used in modeling traits of writing in a fourth grade writers' workshop? The author develops writing curriculum which focuses on the genre of memoir and incorporates resources used in the writing process and writers' workshop. This curriculum development is supported by best practices related to the writing process, writers' workshop, 6+1 Traits of Writing, the reading/writing connection, and memoir study. The curriculum is founded in studying published literature to teach characteristics of memoir and traits indicative to this genre. Activities developed have students exploring memoir, involved in prewriting lessons, and writing memoirs in a writers' workshop. Embedded in this study are literature-based lessons which teach character/setting description, using sensory details, and the rules of written dialogue. This writing curriculum is a six week study to be taught in a fourth grade classroom.

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