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Characteristics of a GLBT respect curriculum appropriate for middle grades advisories





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This capstone project examines the purpose of middle school advisory programs. It also seeks to identify needs of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender students in America's education system. It specifically attempts to answer: What are the characteristics of a GLBT respect curriculum that is appropriate in middle school advisories? After extensive research into components of effective advisory programs, currently existing tolerance curriculums, and GLBT issues in schools, a two-week respect curriculum was designed. These lessons are a compilation of activities from sources obtained during the research process. This curriculum was implemented in a middle grades classroom and an autoethonographical journal documented experiences. No qualitative evaluation of the curriculum was performed. The curriculum and notes are provided as a starting point for appropriately incorporating GLBT issues into middle school advisories. There remains a need for more precise measurement of this curriculum's efficacy.

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