The positive effects of community building and character education on 5th grade students' attitudes





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This capstone focuses on answering the question, How can character education and community building in a 5th grade classroom positively affect student attitudes? Chapter two, Literature Review, defines character, summarizes the development of character and morals, discusses the history and importance of character and moral education, and describes aspects and the need for community building in a classroom. Perspectives from many experts such as, Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan, Maslow, Noddings, Lickona, Borba, and Knoblock are noted in chapter two. Techniques from these people, as well as from the Responsive Classroom approach, were used in this study. Assessments were based on student surveys, questionnaires, interviews, and teacher observations over a 6 week period. Results demonstrated an overall positive change in student attitudes towards themselves and their classmates, as well as in the areas of empathy, respect, kindness, and citizenship.

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