Does thirty minutes of daily physical activity over a six-week period in physical education decrease body mass in 7th grade students?





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Over a six-week period of time, forty-one seventh grade students participated in a study that monitored their physical activity patterns, body weight, height, and effort in physical education. Student's height and weight were calculated into a Body Mass Index (BMI) scale weekly to determine if changes occurred. The activities taught during the study were basketball and line dancing. Each activity lasted three weeks. At the conclusion of each week, students identified whether the activities were perceived as fun, vigorous enough to lose weight, and if students enjoyed being active in them. As each week progressed, each factor increased based on student responses. During the study, the student average BMI decreased from the 69th percentile to the 65th percentile, indicating that students decreased their overall BMI in six weeks. This concludes that daily physical education can decrease BMI in students.

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