Using portfolios to increase self-assessment in student learning





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Many teachers strive to create well-rounded, independent, empowered students who are ready for life in the real world. This independence begins when children are given opportunities to make their own choices and learn from them. Through portfolios and rubrics children can learn to self-sufficiently identify quality work, take steps to attain this quality, goal-setting, and self-assessment. Learning to create, assess, and generate new goals gives students the chance to practice being in charge of their own decisions and the consequences and/or rewards of these actions. Once they experience the empowerment over one area in their lives, these students may have more confidence to pursue more goals and unfamiliar tasks. All of this starts with patience, trust, and a careful plan to transfer responsibility to the students. Though the journey may be a difficult and long one, the rewards gained in the end are well worth the efforts.

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