Reluctant readers within a school-wide read





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The research question addressed in this project is, how does a school-wide read affect reluctant ninth grade readers? The motivation for this research project and the following capstone emanated from a teacher's desire to share his love of literature and reading with his students and colleagues. The author tested the possibility of developing a school-wide read that would not only encourage reluctant readers but help build a community of learners. This community was comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, as well. Data was collected on a small group of reluctant readers who were not illiterate, but better described as aliterate. The author documents the details of the school-wide read and describes the successes and struggles of implementing the project. The results showed that while many involved with the school-wide read had high praise for the project, the efficacy of this activity is hard to determine. Ultimately, a school-wide read is not a panacea for reluctant readers.

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