Improving targeted instruction through professional learning communities





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The research question addressed is, how can participating in a Professional Learning Community help me to create targeted instruction to increase student achievement in the classroom within my school setting. This capstone documents the teacher as she investigates the value of collaboration and the PLC process. Key influences included authors such as Dr. Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour and Dr. Robert Eaker. The research method used was action research. The author shared related research to construct meaning to the collaborative efforts of teachers in designing targeted instruction to improve student achievement. She describes the success in transitioning from designing instruction in isolation to working with a PLC, concluding that: 1. Students found having the big ideas to be helpful in their learning, 2. Targeted instruction designed can also be used as formative assessments, and 3. Teachers involved in the PLC process felt it was beneficial for them and for their students.

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