A look inside: perspectives on academic underachievement from inside an inner-city public high school





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In this multifaceted research project, the author examines and identifies factors that inhibit the school performance of students at the low end of the achievement gap. The literature review examines the environments from which many academic underachieving students come and establishes a correlation between the circumstances of students' lives and their achievement in school. In an effort to understand how the effects of live events inhibit academic performance in school, the author conducted research which consisted of three case studies of underachieving African-American students which included: personal interviews, documentation analysis, and informal observation. Additionally, four teachers were also interviewed to garner their perspectives on academic underachievement. The interviews were examined for correlating information and are presented as student and teacher mirrored perspectives. This study offers a good look at what is taking place in schools: what students and teachers are experiencing and seeing.

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