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Using jigsaw tasks to promote negotiation between first grade English language learners





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The research question addressed in this study is whether jigsaw tasks promote negotiation between first grade English Language Learners (ELLs). The motivation for this project came from the realization that many ELLs are in classrooms with a high concentration of other ELLs. This project provides a glimpse into what can happen when ELLs try to learn English from each other while using jigsaw tasks. Jigsaw tasks are a type of classroom activity that have been shown to encourage negotiation. Negotiation is what happens when people anticipate, perceive, or experience difficulties understanding each other during interaction or conversation (Pica, 1994, p.494). The process of negotiation is theorized to play a facilitative role in second language acquisition. Four pairs of students were recorded during two jigsaw tasks results were coded according to a schema developed by Oliver (1998). The author discusses negotiation, designing and using tasks and their use with first grade students.

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