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A disciplinary literacy approach to middle school mathematics





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The Disciplinary Literacy (DL) framework, developed by the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh, focuses on five principles for creating rigorous, inquiry-based instruction that integrates academic content and discipline-appropriate habits of thinking. Disciplinary Literacy uses current research to provide professional development reform efforts for urban school districts. In Disciplinary Literacy math classes, teachers are facilitators and coaches who promote inquiry. The students learn math concepts and perform the work of mathematicians. They work together to solve problems and decide on multiple solutions or representations. I used my DL training to create a practical guidebook to help middle school mathematics teachers implement Disciplinary Literacy into their curriculum. The guidebook includes norms and strategies for cooperative learning strategies for introducing Accountable TalkSM descriptions for developing quality work criteria for developing effective presenters and a respectful audience and six Disciplinary Literacy mathematics lessons.

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