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Experiential learning and student creativity in a Chinese language class





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This capstone project examined student reaction to experiential teaching strategies in a beginning Chinese lesson and its impact on student creativity. The author became interested in experiential learning and creativity and the possible connection between the two after coming to the United States (U.S.) to teach and study. While in the U.S. she was able to experience the differences between education and teaching methods in the two countries. She found possible links between experiential learning and creativity in the works of Starko (1995), Croply (1992 and 2001), and Beard and Wilson (2002). To conduct this study, the author interviewed two students from China, a Chinese professor and did observations in the author's beginning Chinese language classes at an international high school. The finding of the study was that experiential learning teaching strategies did increase students' motivation, questioning, independent learning, connections between their prior experiences and the new tasks and improved class atmosphere.

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