Why do parents enroll their children in half-day kindergarten?





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This capstone studies the question of why parents enroll their children in half-day kindergarten. The purpose of this study was to examine why parents choose the half-day kindergarten program. The author of this study researched the history of kindergarten and the kindergarten day. In addition, she interviewed four parents of kindergarten students with the intention of understanding their choice of half-day kindergarten. Key influences included peers in the field, parents of students in kindergarten, and authors such as Brannon, Elicker, Guthrie, and Karweit. The research method chosen was an interview. The author concluded that parents commonly choose to enroll their children in half-day kindergarten so that their children are able to spend more time at home. The parents shared the belief that the half-day kindergarten program makes for a healthy transition from home to school during the primary years.

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