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Using read alouds to build community in a primary elementary classroom





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The primary research question addressed is, how can read-alouds be using to build community in a primary elementary classroom? The study documents one teacher's process of finding, applying and reflecting on the use of read-aloud to build community in an urban school setting. Strategies are outlined that have been found to be effective community building techniques such as: responsive classroom, the CCC model and morning meetings. He also addressed effective read-aloud techniques and strategies from experts such as: Harvey, Goudvis, Allington, Cunningham, Beck and McKeown. Upon reflecting and analyzing his results, he found that: 1) read-alouds can be an effective tool to build community in a primary classroom 2) using the read-aloud method is best used starting at the beginning of a school year 3) using quality read-alouds, previewed, practiced and selected by the reader, is a key element to making the lesson meaningful to children.

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