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Factors contributing to the transformation toward progressive social justice consciousness among evangelical christians





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As a conservative, Evangelical Christian, the Social Justice and Equity class at Hamline University awakened me to the realities of injustice. As I shared my new understandings with other Evangelicals, responses varied from acceptance to rejection. These contradictory responses generated my question, What factors contribute to a transformation of progressive social justice consciousness among Evangelical Christians? In addition to works by many Biblical scholars, the work of philosophers including Mezirow, Freire and Kohlberg laid for me a theoretical foundation of transformation. My goal was to discover how others are experiencing transformation. By interviewing and analyzing the experiences of transformed Evangelical leaders, I was able to elicit an understanding of what factors led to their transformation as it relates to social action. As a result, I identified what motivated change for my participants, what factors played a role in their transformation, and what characteristics are displayed in their work today.

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