Recommended strategies for promoting a learner-centered, junior high language arts classroom





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How do learner-centered strategies differ from that of a traditional junior high learning environment and how does this apply to a junior high language arts teacher? The belief behind a learner-centered approach is that learning is an active, learner-initiated process that is most successful when topics are relevant to the students' lives and interests. It requires the students to be actively engaged in understanding and connecting to knowledge. The learner-centered teacher creates a positive learning environment by building relationships, maintaining high expectations, and creating relevancy in the curriculum. This teacher allows time for processing concepts and fosters life-long decision-making skills. A learner-centered classroom is a learning environment where the motivation for the students to learn becomes intrinsic rather than external, and real learning can occur. The following paper defines the learner-centered philosophy and its key characteristics and recommends several strategies for teachers to use in a junior high language arts classroom.

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