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Team-building and non-traditional activities to increase enjoyment for players on a high school basketball team





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This capstone is a study of ways to increase enjoyment for female athletes who participate on a high school basketball team. The author is an assistant girls' high school basketball coach who was interested in finding ways to increase participation in the basketball program. Key influences in the project were Mike Labine, a high school track coach, and authors including: Hillier, Pendleton, Robinson, Stewart and Taylor. The research found that the number one reason that girls participate in athletics is to have fun. The author's plan was conducted with the players on his high school basketball team during the 2006-2007 season. He used team-building and non-traditional activities to increase the enjoyment for all of the team members. He also used a pre-season survey and a post-season survey to assist with the data collection. The project was very successful as indicated on the post-season surveys.

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