How can incorporating multiple learning modalities into a second grade classroom enhance students' abilities to reach the goals of the trivium in second grade?





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I work in a charter school that is framed by classical concepts and is heavily centered on reading and writing. This made me wonder if current knowledge of learning modalities could be used to help my students learn and still stay true to the components of classical education. Charles Evans, Dr. Mortimer Adler, and Joe Michalak contributed to my understanding of classical education. Karen Westburg and Dianne Heacox did the same for my knowledge of learning modalities. I began my project by mapping out goals for each unit in my history curriculum. I then charted what activities I was currently doing based on the learning style they met. Finally, I changed one unit based on what I had learned through my research. After all of this, I learned that the classical model of education and strategies to reach each of the learning modalities are compatible and should be used together.

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