Leadership as a Holistic Model in Education


Summer 8-13-2015



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Kathryn A.Campbell

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Judith E. Preckshot

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Laurel L. Bakkum


This research looks at the Cristo Rey model of education and how it relates to leadership. The Cristo Rey model is holistic in nature and based on concepts that have survived since the order of Jesuits was founded more than 450 years ago. The research presents a view of the whole education stage and then centers on the Cristo Rey schools for the poor. Emphasis is placed on how the Jesuits teach by the way they learn. The Jesuit Order follows certain principles called the Four Pillars of Leadership as described by author Chris Lowney. These pillars are self-awareness, heroism, ingenuity and love; and these are the principles that guide the way the Jesuits conduct themselves. This Order has proven to be successful in creating excellent centers of education. This research is also a reflection of the author’s personal experience and seeks to make some parallels between his experience and the success of the Cristo Rey students. The conclusive idea is that holistic education creates good leadership qualities if based on solid proven principles and practices.


Achievement, Leadership, Motivation, Multicultural Education

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