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Integrating technology to support English language learners: recommended practices for modifying multimedia lessons





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This capstone is a curriculum design project. The research question addressed is what are recommendations for modifying multimedia lessons to create an inclusive environment for English Language Learners? The author modifies multimedia lessons to support English Language Learners (ELL) by integrating research-based instructional strategies for working with English Language Learners. The purposes in revising these lessons is to show how incorporating recommended ELL practices into multimedia lessons can help make lessons more effective for ELLs. Also, it is to provide a resource for both ELL and mainstream teachers who may be interested in incorporating technology into lessons or making presentation assignments more manageable for ELLs. The author's recommendation for how to modify lessons will be based on the insights from the revision process, review of the literature on ELL best practices, personal experiences and insights from working with ELLs and mainstream teachers and revising lessons using multimedia tools.

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