Spring 8-10-2015



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Mari Rasmussen

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Amy Steen

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Katherine Jacques


The results of state educational testing show achievement gaps between students of color and white students in many states. This gap is also found in the testing data for school districts that implement dual language immersion using English and Spanish. Research demonstrates that curricula that incorporate theories and practices related to equity, social justice and culturally and linguistically responsive instruction can support efforts to close the gap in achievement. The purpose of this project was to create a standards-based, culturally and linguistically responsive mathematics unit of study, with a focus on social justice, to begin to close the racial achievement gap. Research on best practice for DLI, culturally responsive teaching, and math instruction and differentiation, including Cognitively Guided Instruction, was integrated. The research question explored was: What are the components of a culturally responsive, standards-based unit on addition in a Dual Language Immersion school? The final product was a thematic, integrated first grade unit on addition and social studies.


Social Justice, Dual Language Immersion Education

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