Helping all students achieve their fullest potentials: developing a research-supported gifted education program at a small K-12 charter school





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My capstone is the product of my own experiences as a gifted student and later, as a teacher of gifted students. I wanted to understand what the label gifted means and how to best meet the needs of those students. I took a survey of teachers and parents of gifted students at this school and conducted focus group interviews to develop learner outcomes for a gifted education program. Based on an analysis of the research literature and my own personal research, I was able to develop goals for a gifted education program at this school. Therefore, I have proposed recommendations that I believe would meet the needs of gifted students at this school. These recommendations include: send-out programming, AP vertical teaming, policies on acceleration, implementing George Betts' Autonomous Learner Model, offering a variety of extra-curricular opportunities, and providing in-depth teacher training in differentiating instruction.

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