Teacher study groups: how middle school teachers self-assess a need for participation





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This capstone explores how one teacher's colleagues assessed the need to participate in a teacher study group (TSG). After a small group experience in Education and Public Policy, the author realized she craved greater professional support, gained interest in TSGs, and studied her colleagues' need for job-embedded professional development. Enloe and Mayer helped frame the study. The author found an abundance of sources. Research included a questionnaire regarding recent professional development, attitudes toward TSGs, interests and concerns for the school/classroom, preferred focus of study, and perceived benefits of participation. Recommendations: organize by discipline meet once a month, outside of the school day, either at school or outside of school offer a stipend/clock hours. Key findings: participants perceived TSGs as a meaningful mode of professional development participants saw colleagues as potential assets participants' main goal would be to meet the needs of students by focusing on discipline-specific and general classroom strategies.

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