Oral reading fluency instruction: views and habits of elementary teachers and strategies/resources for its use in the classroom





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From my literature review, I discovered that reading fluency is an essential aspect in achieving reading and academic success and that methods which require repeated reading of the same text are best practices for fluency instruction. For this project, I developed a questionnaire to obtain information about teachers' views on reading fluency instruction, their habits of using this instruction in the classroom, and resources they have used for fluency instruction. When analyzing my data, I found that teachers trained in fluency instruction are more aware of its importance, incorporate more of the effective strategies in their reading programs, and feel more qualified to teach fluency. The information I received about materials and resources teachers have used in the classroom was included, along with ideas and materials from my own research, in my manual Strategies and Suggestions for Improving Oral Reading Fluency Skills of Students in Grades 1-5.

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