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Similar goals among Montessori educators who teach in different settings





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The research question is What goals remain similar among Montessori educators who teach in different settings? This qualitative research case study explores the application of Montessori education in a private and public school. The author identifies three key areas of the Montessori approach to learning: educational resources, teacher training, and educational goals. The participants completed a demographic survey and participated in an open response survey. An inventory of Montessori educational resources at each school was also completed. Major authors who contributed to this case study included Montessori, Lillard, and Standing. The author was influenced by her own experiences in private and public education and by her exposure to Montessori education. As a result of this research, the author gains increased awareness of Montessori education. Her findings confirm that the inventoried resources and the Montessori training were the same and the educational goals were similar in private and public Montessori schools.

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