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Changing student attitude toward ability to read content area text by incorporating explicitly-taught reading strategies into an ALC setting





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This capstone documents a seven week course called Academic Literacy that was taught in a suburban alternative school setting. The goal of the course was to change student attitude toward ability to read in the content areas. At-risk high school students of varying reading abilities were explicitly taught the reading strategies of predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarizing to employ in the reciprocal teaching process as defined by Palinscar and Brown. Key influences included former and current students, peers and authors such as Alvermann, Vacca, Pressley, Tovani and Beers. The author documented change in student attitude through her own reflections and through student written and verbal feedback. A type of reader common to ALC programs was identified and illustrated through a mini case study. Student use of the four explicitly-taught reading strategies and the reciprocal teaching process resulted in increased student confidence in ability to read in the content areas.

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