What are the essential elements and design of an effective white privilege professional development curriculum for urban, elementary teachers?





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Institutional racism is prevalent in our society. However, a structure of dominance, like white privilege, must be acknowledged and addressed alongside other efforts to dismantle racism. Our schools are a powerful place to begin. The goal of this Capstone is to create a comprehensive professional development curriculum for urban, elementary teachers to explore institutional structures of racism in education. The project assesses the research of Nieto, Sleeter, Delpit, Kailin, Gorski, McIntosh, and other leading researchers in the field of anti-racist education, and identifies six common threads for professional development surrounding institutional racism and white privilege. Qualitative research data collected from a sample audience of urban, elementary teachers identified their background knowledge, self-awareness, and attitudes towards professional development. The end product of this Capstone is a 12-hour professional development curriculum on white privilege, incorporating the six essential elements into a framework that supports and reflects the needs of urban, elementary teachers.

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