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Alternatives in grammar instruction for novice foreign language students





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Novice students in foreign language are often taught grammar in an environment reflective of the Grammar-Translation Method. Alternatives to this approach, such as the Natural Approach offer little direct grammar instruction. Commonly, teachers complain this leaves students unable to accurately use the language. The purpose of this study is to find a means of using strategies offered by Marzano, Pickering, and Pollack to offer direct grammar instruction as a complement to a classroom that aspires to reflect the Natural Approach. Students involved were eighth grade novice students of German in a suburban middle school serving grades six to eight. Strategies offered by Marzano, Pickering, and Pollack were applied to teach regular German verb endings in an action research study coupled with a unit of instruction conceptualized by Rod Ellis. The results suggest students can be highly engaged under such a method, and learn grammar rules well by means of discovery.

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