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Exploring parent reaction to different communication strategies between home and school





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This capstone investigated parent/guardian reaction to different communication strategies families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can use to communicate their day to day needs and questions to the early childhood special education teacher. The question evolved from the author's professional experiences as an early childhood special education teacher and from the desire to improve her professional practice. Key influences who helped develop this capstone were educator-family members and peers. In this study, three strategies of communication between the classroom teacher and the parents of these students were implemented and then interviews were conducted with each of the parent participants regarding their reaction to {the} three different communication strategies. The interview date supported the following four conclusions: 1. family needs were met by using one or more of the communication strategies 2. the participants expressed a preference for one communication strategy over another 3. there were logical barriers and 4. use of a communication strategy was influenced by context.

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