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Guiding principles for cross-cultural education of EFL teachers in Azerbaijan in new methods of teaching English and appropriate implementation of innovative practices in their context





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The sharp contrast in traditional language teaching and the communicative language teaching (CLT) approach led the author to investigate the aspect of integrating focus on meaning and form within the CLT framework. However, her attempts to implement the findings in a traditional language classroom in the country of Azerbaijan revealed the necessity to educate language teachers in the principles of CLT. Based on the reports of the educators who have had previous experience in teacher training in other countries she identifies guiding principles for conducting teacher training cross-culturally. The author surveys language learners in Azerbaijan to discover the present teaching-learning situation in the country, student's preference for language learning and their openness to innovative teaching. The surveyed students expressed strong desire to have more adequate preparation for real world situations and were quite open to certain innovative methods in order to achieve their goal of higher language proficiency.

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