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School volunteer mentoring programs in elementary schools





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I designed my capstone project to answer the question, in what ways would mentoring students weekly, by trained reading tutors, impact Title I students? This study establishes the necessary steps and documentation needed to start and maintain an effective reading tutoring/mentoring program. Key influences essential to the study included volunteers, administrational and teacher cooperation, classroom availability, school reading assessments and multiple trainings on effective elementary reading practices. Volunteer mentors worked weekly and consistently with elementary children throughout the school year. Pre- and post-reading assessments, questionnaires and attendance records were used to measure the effectiveness of the program. The study found that students' reading abilities increased over their peers in high frequency word recognition, hearing and recording sounds. The students, volunteers and teachers overwhelmingly approved the program indicating significant relationship and behavioral changes benefiting the student. In addition, the students' attendance rates increased on the days the tutoring occurred.

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