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Independent, sustainable, and meaningful kindergarten literacy centers





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This capstone focuses on the research question: What instructional strategies and activities are recommended for reinforcing literacy skills in kindergartners during independent literacy centers? It documents the writer's research as she works to plan independent, developmentally appropriate, leveled, and meaningful literacy centers for kindergartners. Key influences included professional colleagues, balanced literacy training, and authors such as Fountas & Pinnell, Wood, Marriott, and the NAEYC. The author used an applied research method. After researching and compiling recommended activities and strategies from experts in the field, the author developed and implemented literacy centers in her kindergarten classroom based on three common qualities recommended by the experts. It was found that for kindergarten literacy centers to be successful, they must be used independently by the children, be easily sustainable by the teacher, and must be meaningfully connected to literacy standards. The author then evaluated the literacy centers that she implemented and found them to meet all three of the criteria for successful literacy centers.

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