What are the benefits and challenges of implementing recommended vocabulary strategies into a third grade classroom?





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It is important for students to be active learners in all learning areas including vocabulary. I implemented five recommended vocabulary strategies to my third grade students. Those strategies are 'Mine Your Memory' strategy, sorting activities, class dictionary, word wall and a personal word wall. Isabel L. Beck and Karen Tandersley agreed that students with a larger vocabulary have a much greater success rate in school than students with a poor vocabulary. Both of these researchers were vital in my studies. The five vocabulary strategies I implemented into my classroom came from the research of Irene Fountas and Guy Pinnell, Regie Routman, Shira Lubliner, Edna Greene Brabham, Susan Kidd Villaume, and Barbara Grubner. My research concluded the importance of differentiated instruction and active participation in a classroom. I also found which vocabulary strategies worked best for my students reading at, below, and above a third grade level.

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